Dipping a toe in Sketchbook Vlogs

Hello, I have put together a little sketchbook Vlog for you to watch.
I have found in the last few weeks that i am yet again seeking sanctuary between the pages of my sketchbook and looking back through old character ideas as well as developing new ones.
It feels safe here with so much going on in my 'real' world.
I long to dive in and take the characters out of the pages onto canvas, but am sat on the sidelines.
I have a fear of painting, especially with acrylics on canvas, but this is my dream so i shall chip away at the fear.....do you have any creative fears ?
What holds you back ?

I hope you enjoy this little peek at old and new sketchbooks and my characters.


I am far from skilled in this video making, so please do share your thoughts and any suggestions you may have.

All my best wishes.
Heidi. M xxx

She Stood In The Storm

She Stood In The storm, And When The Wind Did not blow her Way She Adjusted Her Sails. This is a new painting i recently did in watercolours and inks. I recently found a local printer so i have decided on doing a range of illustrated quote, positive happy quote mainly, Quite excited by this idea and eager to get a range or prints together...i have lots of ideas!  Do you have a favourite Quote that you would like to see illustrated ?

I also have a very lovely feature over on http://www.weareallrecycled.blogspot.co.uk  from Writer
Michael Linford.
Do check out his blog as he has great features on a Artists, Writers and Musicians.

Would love to hear from you.
What are you thoughts on my latest piece ?
Is there a quote that gives you hope ?

With Love
Heidi. M xxx

I have been Gone too long

I have been gone too long. Its been a while but so pleased to tell you i am back !
There was lots and lots going on with technical blog problems and health.
But i am here and so excited as there are lots of changes ahead, ones that i feel ready to start and share here on my beloved blog.

 This is where my creative journey all began 4 years ago and i have missed posting far too much.
I hope that i can tempt you all back with the promise of a new look blog soon, tutorials, the second section to sketch book stories as well as heaps of features on my art, materials i use and guest spot interviews. 
Life has so many twists and turns and i hope this part is a lot smoother and i am thankful i have my creativity to see me through.

When your day ends with paint covered paper and hands you know its been a good one.

I hope so much to see you all back reading my blog and would love as always  to hear from you.

With Love Heidi xxx

Sketchbook Stories Part Two

Welcome back to part two of Sketchbook Stories.
Today i have a fabulous interview with Artist Catherine Constance as well as a new sketchbook prompt.
But first here is a little video of me having a messy creative play with Mindy Lacefield's prompt.
Grab a cup of tea and cake and enjoy some more Sketchbook Stories.

Here is me painting away with words, using pen, paint, pencil and crayon.

I love the prompt, it was a great chance to let go and have fun, banishing the white pages of my sketch book into paint filled joy !

Pia Drent shared with us her response to Mindy's Prompt below

Isn't just wonderful ! I love what she has created here and so thrilled she has shared this with us all.
Thank You Pia Drent 

We now have a interview with artist Catherine Constance.

1.When did you sketchbook Story Begin ?
( how long have you used a sketchbook)

A.  Sketchbook and I started our adventure nearly five years ago when my life got whacked into the washing machine and set on maximum spin.  

2.How does your sketchbook help you in your creative process ?

A.  Sketchbook helps me keep everything in one place.  Ideas are sorted out amongst its pages and new ideas evolve.  It's my playground.  If I don't like a page I gesso over it and start again.  If I'm stuck for an idea I flick back through my old books in the hope of inspiration. The characters that jump onto the pages take on a life of their own and most of them are very chatty.

3.If you could fix a date with you and your sketchbook, where would you go ? 
and what would be your chosen inspiration ?

A.  Sketchbook and I are very rarely parted and can fix a date in seconds.  If we could magic ourselves away, I would choose a small deserted island somewhere warm.  Sketchbook likes tree houses high up in the mountains.  We are both rather partial to a boat in the middle of the ocean anywhere quiet and secluded would suit us.  Inspiration is all around us, we just have to look and listen.

4. What materials would you use ?

A. That's easy, sketchbook and I have a total love affair with watercolours, oh and glitter....we looooove glitter :)

5.Do you have sketchbook prompt that you would like to share ?
 ( ie. doodle with your eyes shut, or rubber stamp a sketchbook page )

A.  Sketchbook always says if I'm stuck, then just start with a circle and see who wants to come and play... :)

I adore Catherine illustrations, and adore the peek into the pages of her sketchbooks. I love how she see's her sketchbook as a playground !...so lets play some more and meet back here next week.
I will be having fun with Catherine's sketchbook prompt and will show you what i have come up with.

So do let me know how your enjoying Sketchbook Stories ?

Be great to have feedback on the interviews ?

What has your sketchbook been saying to you this week ?

If you have any pages you would like to share from the prompts then email me at

Next week we have a fabulous interview with Artist Micki Wilde / The Secret Hermit.

With Love

Heidi. M xxx

Sketchbook Stories Begins.

Sketchbook Stories has now begun ! And we are kick starting the workshop off with a interview with the  wonderfully inspiring Mindy Lacefield. 
You will  find a exciting Sketchbook prompt at the end of the interview and i thought it would be great fun to get stuck into this and meet back here next wednesday with our explorations. I plan to do a little film of my sketchbook process to show you all.
Email me at heidi.godwin@rocketmail.com  if you would like to share your sketchbook pages here from Mindy's Prompts.
So lets begin....

1.When did you sketchbook Story Begin ? 
I have been using a sketchbook/journal seriously for about the last 4-5 years. I haven't always known what to do with a sketchbook but soon realized that I enjoy capturing gesture paintings and quick painting/collage studies in my sketchbook. For me it's more about painting and gluing and less about actual drawing.

2.How does your sketchbook help you in your creative process ?
It has helped me simply by loosening up and exploring textures and composition

3.If you could fix a date with you and your sketchbook, where would you go ? 
and what would be your chosen inspiration ? Oh, definitely out into nature. There are a couple parks that I like to visit and a secret spot near a lake by my house.

4. What materials would you use ? I love to write in my journals, so for sure a soft 6b pencil and some washi tape to add found items into my journal. I also love using inktense pencils.

5.Do you have sketchbook prompt that you would like to share ?
 ( ie. doodle with your eyes shut, or rubber stamp a sketchbook page )
Yes! Do some stream of consciousness writing. Write for 3-4 minutes or however long it takes you to fill up a page or two in your moleskine. Then paint around certain words or short phrase that speaks to you. Add washi tape in randomly and then finish it off with some sparkle....I love stickles and glimmer glam.

I simply adore the pages of Mindy's Sketchbook, it really makes me excited to crack open the pages and get started.
Next Wednesday is jammed packed with a film of me exploring Mindys Sketchbook Prompt, along  with a new Interview by Catherine Constance and more sketchbook prompts to enjoy.
I hope to see lots of your wonderful sketchbook pages for us all to be inspired by.

I would love to read your comments as we kick start Sketchbook Stories.

With Love and Messy Sketchbook Pages

Heidi. M xxx

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